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Whether you are just starting to learn to drive, are part-trained or are a newly qualified driver, we will have a driving lesson or course that will suit your needs. All of our courses come with free theory and hazard perception tuition.

Standard Driving Lessons

Driving lessons for pupils that have never driven before, or have been out with friends for some private practice. Standard lessons are generally one to two hours in duration.

Anniesland Driving School offer quality driving lessons in Glasgow. We offer single 1 or 2 hour lessons, depending on your needs. You can take your driving lessons at a time and place to suit yourself. You can pay for single lessons or blocks of 5 or 10 in advance. Your lessons can be spread over as short or as long a period as you wish. Taking 2 or 3 lessons per week will reduce the time taken to get to test standard.

All of your lessons will be with fully qualified instructors whose aim it is to teach people to pass their driving test as quickly and safely as possible.

With our competitive prices, you will be getting excellent value for money with driving lessons at an affordable price. All of our male and female driving instructors have been checked by the disclosure scotland for your safety and peace of mind. We don’t ask you to pay large sums of money up front or force you to take 2 hour lessons.

Standard Driving Lessons are suited to:

  • Pupils with little or no experience of driving.
  • Nervous pupils.
  • Pupils with very little spare time to fit in driving lessons.

Intensive Driving Courses

The Intensive Driving Course is identical to the Standard Lessons, except the lessons are spread over 3-6 weeks depending on test dates. This is the most popular intensive course. This course is designed for people who want to pass quickly and at a comfortable pace.

Our 6-week Intensive Driving Courses are designed to get you through your driving test as quickly as possible. Before you start an intensive driving course, you will be assessed by one of our experienced driving instructors to see whether an intensive course is suited to yourself. After your assessment your instructor will give you an approximate idea of how many lessons you will need and whether an intensive course is for you.

We recommend taking 2 hours per week until you have passed your theory test, this takes about 2 weeks to get a test date. When you have passed your theory test, you will then book your practical driving test, which normally takes about 4 to 5 weeks to get a test date. Once you get a driving test date, we will schedule your lessons over the next few weeks up to your driving test.

Intensive Driving Courses are perfect for:

  • Pupils wanting to pass their test as quickly as possible.
  • Pupils that need a driving licence for their job.
  • Pupils holding foreign driving licences.

Refresher Driving Lessons

Refresher Lessons suit pupils who are almost at test standard, or pupils who have passed their driving test, but may not have driven for some time. This course is also ideal for drivers who have lost their driving licence and have to re-sit the test or an extended driving test.

Refresher Driving Lessons are ideal for pupils who have had previous driving lessons, or who are near to sitting their driving test. Pupils that have failed their driving test in the past or haven’t driven for a while will find this course ideal. If you have had your driving licence taken away by the courts a refresher course before sitting you test would be perfect for you.

Anniesland Driving School's instructors adapt their teaching to whatever level of instruction is required for each individual pupil. Drivers that have passed their driving test in the past, but have not driven for years will benefit from a refresher course of driving lessons.

We offer 1-hour or 2-hour refresher lessons, where you can pay as you go or book a course of driving lessons. Perhaps you wish to brush up on reversing, parking, night or motorway driving. We also specialise in pupils that have lived abroad and would benefit from refresher lessons to familiarise themselves with driving on the left.

Refresher Driving Lessons are perfect for:

  • Pupils with licences in other countries wishing to convert to a British licence.
  • Pupils who have not driven for some time or who have lost their confidence.
  • Pupils who have lost their licence and have to sit a driving test again.

Motorway Driving Lessons

Motorway driving lessons are very popular with new drivers. For new drivers the thought of going down a slip road and joining traffic at 70 miles per hour is pretty daunting. The speed is much faster and other drivers have little patience for inexperienced drivers. We will help you to deal with motorways pretty quickly.

As a new driver, or someone who has never driven on a motorway in Glasgow, the thought of driving at high speed can fill you with fear. However, motorways are the safest roads to drive on in Glasgow. Motorways are unlike any other road you may have driven on, not just because of the high speed and number of lanes you have to deal with, but also the number of rules and signs that are exclusive to driving on motorways.

If this is your first lesson with Anniesland Driving School you will be required to have a quick assessment of your driving, to ensure your driving is up to a safe standard before going on to the motorway.

Topics you will cover:

  • Planning journeys in advance
  • Joining and leaving motorways
  • Safe speeds for different circumstances
  • Effective observation (eg, use of all mirrors, checking blind spots, scanning ahead)
  • Signs, signals and markings
  • Overtaking and lane discipline
  • Courtesy to other road users
  • Motorway fatigue
  • Breakdown procedures
  • Use of lights, hazard warning lights, etc
  • Debris on carriageway
  • Crosswinds

Motorway Driving Lessons are perfect for:

  • New drivers with no experience of motorway driving.
  • Nervous drivers wishing to improve their driving.
  • Drivers or companies wishing to reduce their insurance costs.

Pass Plus Course

For newly qualified drivers wishing to gain further experience. At the end of the course you will be sent a certificate which will entitle you to an insurance discount of up to 30% from participating insurance companies.

Once you have passed your driving test you are safe to drive on the roads by yourself. But you must remember that you are an inexperienced driver.

The Pass Plus scheme is aimed at new drivers to help them become safer drivers, by gaining more experience on roads which you may not have covered on your driving lessons. Statistics show that young drivers are much more likely to have an accident in the first two years after passing their driving test.

Pass Plus Course

Pass Plus Modules:

  • Town Driving
  • All-Weather Driving
  • Rural Driving
  • Night Driving
  • Dual Carriageway Driving
  • Motorway Driving

The Pass Plus Course lasts a minimum of six hours. You can check our lesson and course pricing here. At the end of the course you will get a certificate which will give you an insurance discount of up to 30% with participating insurance companies.

Pass plus Courses are perfect for:

  • Young drivers wishing to reduce their insurance costs.
  • Gaining experience of fast dual-carriageways and motorway driving.
  • Learning to drive in bad weather.

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